USB or DC Powered  NMEA PPS Source, GNSS locked

The NP6700 provides NMEA data and the PPS (one pulse per second) signal derived from the GPS. The 26 channel GNSS receiver is a high correlator design that can perform very rapid sky searches for satellite signals even under very poor signal conditions. Maintains timing accuracy with a single satellite in view. All outputs are transient protected.  The PPS signal is 3.3V CMOS with a 20ns rms accuracy.  The NMEA 0183 data is available via a USB-B port on the front panel. The PPS is also available on the USB port. The PPS is connected to the RTS port on the serial port. By polling that port, you can detect when the PPS has gone to a logic level high. There is an attachment to this page that provides more information on how to read the port. Unit is DC powered from (-60 to +60 VDC in three ranges) or can be USB powered. The lock and self-test status is presented on the front panel with an indicator. GPS lock status is also available on the rear panel connector via solid state relay contacts.

See Demonstration Video

  • USB port powered

  • PPS accuracy to 20 ns rms

  • RS232 NMEA data output for time stamping, location and other GPS information related purposes

  • Nominal input power is 12 VDC -  AC power adapter is available

  • Versatile power options that include -60 to +60 VDC

  • GNSS lock signal and indicator allows system to know when the unit signal is being controlled by GPS - alerts to potential problems

  • Add portability with a high impact plastic waterproof case

  • Provides accurate timing with a single satellite

  • Outputs are all transient and fault protected

  • Built-in test circuits monitor the power supplies and other circuit elements

  • GPSDO Kits available - includes the NP6700, antenna, USB or power adapter

  • PPS out can be CMOS-3.3 or 5 V, 50 ohm capability and LVDS option available

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