Single Channel Low Noise GNSS Locked Rubidium Frequency Reference

The phase noise for a standard Rubidium source is not acceptable for some applications and we offer a low noise Rubidium frequency reference that includes a low noise OCXO that is locked to the Rubidium source (NR2110-R/O). To further enhance long-term stability, GNSS locking of the Rubidium source is added. The stability of Rubidium, the low phase noise of an OCXO and the long-term stability of GNSS locking.. 

  • 26 Channel GNSS receiver

  • Temperature stability <3E-10 0 to 50C

  • Warm-up time , 12 min

  • Harmonics <25 dBc

  • Excellent holdover stability in GPS denied environments

  • Outputs are fault protected and monitored continously

  • Built-in test circuitry throughout the design

  • Power supplies and signal present are monitored

  • Stability  3E-12 @ 100 seconds

  • Optional LCD status display

  • Ethernet status reporting

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