Traka Touch App

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Traka touch delivers an exceptional user experience using a 7" colour touch screen which provides an administration interface where you can assign user access levels, enrol individual credentials and export activity reports.

What is Traka Touch?

Traka touch provides a clear, easy to use interface where admins can find a full record of all transactions retained within the locker database and users can simply access and return the relevant devices to perform their role.

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  • Traka Touch makes items readily available, but to authorised users only 
  • Gives you control over who can use your assets, with access levels designated for each particular user 
  • Multiple access control technologies including PIN code, proximity card or biometrics fingerprint reader 
  • To remove any ambiguity, the software indicates the permission status of items to a user when they access the locker 
  • Searching for an ‘out of system’ asset is easy, and Traka Touch will also indicate who took it and when 
  • Reporting functions enable user transactions to be quickly displayed, providing a complete report of all asset usage between specified times and dates 
  • For even more detailed report management, you can utilise the robust Traka Web software 
  • With its touch screen technology and embedded processing, Traka Touch gives you reliable and proven asset management capabilities, for all types of organisations. 

Technical Overview

  • Full color 7" touch screen 
  • Embedded Windows CE and SQL Server database 
  • Interface available in 20+ languages 
  • Solid state memory holds 250,000+ events 
  • Effective administration scalable to enterprise level 
  • Automatic data backup 
  • Easy access via PIN code, card reader or biometrics 
  • Browser-based software 
  • AES-256 encryption 
  • Built-in battery backup with charge status icon 
  • Soft close-down with no data loss in the event of long term power failure 
  • Can be standalone or networked to our enterprise software 

With Traka Touch we have been able to quickly and easily improve our key management at store level. We are planning to install a system at every one of our stores throughout the UK. It’s a brilliantly simple but effective solution which makes efficient key management incredibly straightforward for both staff and managers. What’s more, because it’s standalone, it is easy to deploy locally without having to involve staff from the corporate IT team or head office.