Synchronization Supply Unit – PW1008


  • Up to 8 synchronizing inputs

  • Up to 32 outputs in one SSU subrack

  • Up to 128 outputs with four Output Extension Unit

  • Modular design and scalability

  • Local and centralized supervision, alarm outputs

  • Intelligent tracking algorithm and input signal quality adaptation

  • No phase transient on outputs during input switchover

  • Excellent holdover stability

  • Duplicated power supply

  • Integrated GPS receiver for PRC quality source


PW 1008 Synchronisation Supply Unit is equally able to provide accurate timing signals for transmission equipment of small, medium or large network nodes or telecommunications centres. The GPS controlled system equipped with internal Rubidium atomic reference is able to handle 8 different and independent incoming timing signals and ensure highly reliable and accurate synchronisation outputs for up to 96 telecommunications equipment.