Six Channel Low Noise 10 MHz or 50 MHz Frequency Reference

An ultra-low phase noise six channel reference that can be GNSS locked, locked to an external 10 MHz or an external PPS. Available as a 10 MHz or 50 MHz reference.  Available as an OCXO based reference or Rubidium. A low noise OCXO is vibration isolated from the assembly to minimize mechanically induced phase noise. The unit may also be locked to a1300 nm fiber optic port. Synthesized PPS features sub 1 ns jitter. All channels are faults and transient protected. Internal monitoring allows local channel amplitude via an LCD display or remote monitoring via an RS232 port or SNMP.Ultra low noise, GNSS locked six channel reference with SNMP, local display and NTP time server option. 

  • GNSS, external 10 MHz, external PPS or 1300nm fiber locking options

  • OCXO stability 5 ppb/day - 50 ppb/ year

  • Rubidium option with holdover capability of < 1 ppb/year.

  • Frequency change from lock state < 10 ppb

  • Auto-Calibration continually preserves OCXO compensation coefficients

  • Outputs are transient and fault  protected.

  • Low phase noise  -160dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz

  • Locked accuracy ~E-12

  • Front panel LCD status display

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • AC/DC power capability

  • SNMP

  • NTP time server option

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