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Capacity that grows with your needs.

Traka's modular-design key cabinets can be expanded in increments or 10 or 20 key sets with the use of our locking or non-locking Receptor Strips.

Depending on your needs or level of security, Traka’s Receptor Strips are made to accommodate your specific requirements. With locking and non-locking, and single or double-density options, the Receptor Strips provide the flexibility to meet the growing needs of any business.

Tri-color LED indicators at each key position guide the user to quickly locate keys, and provide clarity as to which iFobs a user is allowed to remove. Green indicates a key position that a user is authorized to access, red is a position the user is not authorized to access, and amber shows key positions that are current out of system. Another function of the LEDs is that they illuminate a pathway to the correct return position, should a user place a key set in the wrong place.

Receptor Strips come standard with 10 key positions, but are available in double-density 20-position strips for special applications.

Locking Receptor Strips

Locking Receptor Strips provide the highest level of security and control for who can access protected keys. Recommended for those requiring a method of restricting access to each individual key set, this device locks the iFob and keys in position, and will only release them to users authorized to access that particular item.

Non-Locking Receptor Strips

The non-locking Receptor Strip provides all of the tracking and audit capabilities you'd expect from Traka, without locking each key set into place. This strip is recommended for customers who require a complete audit trail and visibility over user transactions, without the need to restrict access to individual key positions. The iFobs still remain secure behind the door of the cabinet, and Traka Web retains an audit trail of all user and key activity.