PTP Edge Master Clock PTPEM1009


  • Telecom Grandmaster Clock, fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard

  • One- and Two-step clock

  • Best Master Clock algorithm support

  • Hardware Timestamp Engine

  • PTP clock quality messaging

  • Built-in GNSS receiver with GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO/QZSS system support

  • Delay request-response and peer delay mechanisms (E2E, P2P)

  • SBAS support

  • VLAN supprt on every PTP interface


The PTPEM1009 is a Precision Time Protocol Edge Master Clock which is fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard. The Edge Master supports wide range of PTP features including Unicast, Multicast and Hybrid PTP operation modes.

The PTPEM1009 Edge Master serves as PTP, SyncE clock and provides:

2 x SFP 1G optical and/or electrical SyncE/PTP interfaces;

serves up to 64 PTP clients at full packet rate;

1 x 1PPS and 1 x 10 MHz outputs;

multiband GNSS receiver.