Single Output 10 MHz Rackmount OCXO Reference 

High performance OCXO reference features base stability of 50 ppb/year.

  • OCXO oscillator features aging 5ppb/day,  50ppb/first year (options to < 200 ppb / 10 years projected)

  • Harmonic distortion <-30dB

  • Internal self-test monitors all power supplies, signal presence and crystal oven -  status indicator on the front panel and status relay contact connector on rear panel

  • Inputs and outputs fault and transient protected

  • Low phase noise (optional phase noise performance levels available)

  • Frequencies other than 10 MHz available

  • Rubidium (NR2110-R) and GPS locked available (NR2110-GPS)

  • 1 RU design saves rack space

  • Synthesized PPS available

  • LVDS 10 Mhz or PPS


Data Sheets