RF to LVDS Converter

Converts Reference Signals from Sine to LVDS

LVDS ( low voltage differential signaling) is ideally suited for transmitting a digital signal between two points within 30 meters of each other. Signal levels are under 3 volts (350mv differential) and rise and fall times easily support 10 MHz with rise and fall times in the 1 ns region. The NL0100 allows any reference channel to be converted to LVDS to handle a unique client. The converter can drive up to 10 receivers with proper termination. When used with selected Novus references, the reference supplies the required DC power for the converter.

  • Square wave transmission up to 30 meters

  • Low voltage differential nominal 350 mv with 100 Ohm termination

  • Multi-drop capability allows a single NL0100 drive up to 10 clients

  • Operates from a single DC supply or is powered directly from Novus sources without an external power supply required

  • Available output connector- Twin Axial or terminal for a twisted pair.

  • Operates to 50 MHz

  • No significant change in phase noise to 20 meters- see curve

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