Fiber Optic Signal Converter

Converts Reference Signals from Copper and Fiber

The NF0100 converts 10 MHz sine reference signals to multi or single mode 1300 nm fiber optic. The device is also available to convert the fiber optic signal back to a sine or square wave. The 1 x 1 x 3 inch unit connects in line with a BNC cable and connects directly to either single mode or multi-mode 1300 nm fiber optic. A pair of NF0100, properly configured, can add a fiber optic channel to solve an electron magnetic interference problem or a long-distance reference need. For the most demanding applications, the NF0100-LN converts fiber to copper with the phase noise performance one expects in a copper carrier (see phase noise plot).

  • 1300 nm operation minimizes phase noise contribution

  • single mode and multi mode transmitters allow greater flexibility into existing systems

  • single mode operation offers over 10 km of range

  • convert from fiber optic to sine or square wave

  • the NF0100 can also convert a sine wave to square wave to handle slew rate demanding clients

  • convert copper reference signals to fiber as needed

  • operates from a single DC supply or is powered directly from Novus sources without an external power supply required

  • NF0100-LN offers low phase noise < -145 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz

  • NF0100-LVDS converts a reference signal to LVDS

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