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Traka locker systems can be configured in a number of ways, providing the precise level of intelligence needed to give your organisation total control over its valuable assets and critical processes. 

Whether you need fast and convenient temporary storage for visitors, or precise, up-to-the-minute tracking of valuable assets, Traka’s proven technologies provide the best solution for your real world problems.

Temporary Deposit

Our Simple Storage solutions offer a fast and convenient system perfect for the temporary storage of personal belongings, including bags, mobile phones, laptops and radios.

This functionality is perfect in situations where individuals may need to store items for a few hours, and no tracking of specific user or asset activity is required. Each user is quickly assigned an available locker using their own PIN, access card or fingerprint. When they later retrieve their belongings, the locker is then automatically available for the next user.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Intelligent Asset Management with RFID Tagging

When users know that they are fully accountable for the assets they use, they become more responsible users.

With Intelligent Asset Storage, each individual is uniquely identified to the Traka system via PIN, access card or biometrics, and only has access to authorised assets. You know exactly who removed an item, and the time it was issued and returned. All user activity is recorded, giving powerful admin control and reporting.

Through Traka’s deep integrations, your assets will become tools that drive your processes. Restrict a user from exiting a facility until his/her asset has been safely returned, or change access permissions for entire departments through your existing HR database.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns