10 MHz GNSS Locked TCXO based frequency Reference PCB assembly

Odoo CMS - a big picture

PPS, NMEA with Auto-Calibration- Low Cost TCXO

Compact TCXO based GNSS locked reference designed to be easily integrated into your system to provide precision 10 MHz, PPS and NMEA for master timing. The unit features a 26 channel high-sensitivity, high-accuracy Multi-GNSS receiver. Supports TRAIM, GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, Active Anti-Jamming and Advanced Multipath Mitigation Functions. Auto-calibration stores the most recent compensation coeffiecients dramtically minimizing long-term drift. Single 5 Vdc power supply simplies system integration. Status signals alert the system to BIT failures or loss of GNSS signal. A low cost alternative to an OCXO based reference for less damanding phase noise applications and GNSS avaiablility is good.

  • 26 Channel GNSS receiver

  • Simple integration requires only a single 5 vdc power supply.

  • NMEA at full rs 232 levels (logic levels available option)

  • Status signals alert of a long-term GNSS loss.

  • Low phase noise

  • Frequencies to 100 MHz available

  • Power consumption < 1 watt



Typical Phase Noise

Offset                   Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)

1 Hz                        -50

10 Hz                     -100

100 Hz                   -120

1Khz                      -140

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