Key Credentials

Our CLIQ programmable keys exceed international standards for durability, water resistance and encryption. Multiple key types let you manage your CLIQ access system in the way you choose

Every CLIQ programmable key is built around sophisticated but uncomplicated electronics, and protected by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Physically, CLIQ keys are robust and suited to even the most demanding environments, including climate extremes. CLIQ access systems are deployed successfully in both cold, exposed locations and hot, dusty climates. CLIQ keys are waterproof to the international IP67 standard.

Usability is another chief concern when we design a CLIQ key. Key electronics are managed by a fast processor. A battery inside the key powers both the key itself and, on insertion, the electromechanical or electronic CLIQ lock. It is easy for a non-specialist to change the key’s standard battery, which has a typical lifetime of 10 years.

Keys are equipped with visual and acoustic alert functionality for accesses, time zones and battery status.

CLIQ keys come in several different types to match your fine-grained security needs:

    Basic CLIQ keys can be programmed with general access authorizations without time restrictions or audit trails    Timed CLIQ keys add time-restriction functionality and event logs options, for a more granular access authorization process and enhanced site control 

    CLIQ Remote keys offer the full functionality of CLIQ, plus they are directly programmable, which makes them suited to use with remote programming devices 

    CLIQ Connect keys are equipped with Bluetooth technology so users can update their key from anywhere using a paired connection with the CLIQ Connect mobile app on a smartphone or tablet   

Programming keys are used as a hardware login credential to the management software, acting as a link between CLIQ admin software and CLIQ cylinders. They can be used to transport access changes to individual CLIQ cylinders or for retrieving audit trails. Hundreds of tasks and/or audit trails can be loaded on a single CLIQ programming key


  • 128bit AES encryption   

  • Temperature range 0° to +70° degrees   

  • Ingress protection IP54 / IP67 (eCLIQ)   

  • Battery CR2025 (Verso) / CR 2032 (+CLIQ and eCLIQ)   

  • Battery life 3 years / 30.000 locking actions   

  • Up to 97.5 million authorizations and up to 1000 audit trail entries   

  • ATEX certification