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The Traka iFob makes your keys "intelligent".

At the heart of Traka’s key management solutions is the iFob, a reliable and durable device that provides years of worry-free use.

Traka’s iFob is a nickel-plated brass device with a unique electronic ID, that when secured to a key set enables those keys to be identified to Traka’s administration software, and all its activity recorded.

While competitors use breakable plastic fobs that require frequent cleaning, the iFob is virtually indestructible and entirely maintenance free. With the ability to store data internally, Traka iFobs can retain user or asset profiles and event data, making them a powerful identification tool in numerous applications.

Traka iFob Features

  • Robust nickel-plated brass tube, welded shut for ultimate strength

  • Compact design – 1 5/8" L x 3/8" W

  • IP67 rated (water immersion and dust proof)

  • –40°C to 85°C operating temperature

  • Zero maintenance or cleaning required

  • Every iFob has a guaranteed unique 48-bit electronic ID – no two are the same

  • Read and write capabilities for storing data profiles or events on the iFob

  • Locks key sets in place when used with locking Receptor Strip