Bullet™ GPS Antenna


  • Weatherproof housing

  • Filtering for harsh RF jamming environments

  • Proven extra ruggged, reliable

  • Available in 3.3v (TNC) or 5v (TNC or F)

  • RoHS-II Compliant 


Protempis's Bullet™ GPS Antenna provides a perfect solution for manufacturers who need a fixed-sight, rooftop GPS antenna. It is housed in leak tested packaging designed to withstand continuous exposure to shock, excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, water and sunlight. For added reliability, the antenna cable can be threaded through a pole mount to keep it safe from environmental damage.

The Bullet GPS Antenna includes advanced filtering technology for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments. This antenna is also a high-quality solution for adding GPS data to marine navigation systems.

Whatever the environment—the Trimble Bullet III GPS antenna will perform, year after year. The Bullet III GPS antenna is the fourth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family and offers all the reliability and performance benefits that are required for mission-critical installations.


  • Designed to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and sunlight

  • The Bullet III antenna to be used with up to 75 feet of RG-59 cable for flexibility and ease of installation

  • Proven survivability in tough and unforgiving environments

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