Bullet™ 40dB Antenna TS200


  • GPS L1 High Gain

  • Weatherproof housing

  • Well suited for congested urban areas

  • Proven extra ruggged, reliable

  • Extended operating temperature

  • Available in 3.3v (TNC) or 5v (TNC or F)

  • RoHS II Compliant


GPS L1 Antenna for Urban Environments

The Protempis® Bullet™ 40dB timing antennas are designed for long cable runs and noisy RF environments. In challenging urban RF environments, the high antenna gain will significantly improve the performance of GNSS receiver

The weatherproof housing is designed to withstand continuous exposure to shock, excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, water, and sunlight. For added reliability, the antenna cable can be threaded through a pole mount to keep it safe from environmental damage.


  • Filtering for RF Jamming environments

  • Well suited for congested urban areas with harsh RF environments

  • Proven extra rugged and reliable for long deployments

  • Extended operating temperature for all environments

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