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Traka remains operational to support our critical and essential businesses
As individual states and counties shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis, Traka Americas has remained operational as an "essential business" providing critical products and support for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, federal and local government agencies, grocery supply chains, transportation, logistics, energy, national defense and other critical infrastructure functions.

Traka is an "essential business" under applicable U.S. Federal and state government guidelines and we are actively receiving, processing, and shipping orders. This includes our manufacturing, technical and field support teams as needed.  Our customers include medical facilities, government agencies, critical infrastructure, and other essential businesses that rely on Traka as part of their day to day operations. That means we are not only responsible for the safety of our own workforce, but we have a responsibility to you so you can provide essential products and services to a wider audience during this pandemic.

We are able to provide you with sales, technical support, and back-office support without disruption.  In addition, we have a team of critical office personnel dedicated to the manufacturing and shipping of all needed new and support related products, spares and solutions.

As you place orders, please verify that you have staff in place to receive the product. We have implemented a new process in our shipping procedures to give you the opportunity to certify your ability to receive your order. This will prevent unnecessary delays and returns, while allowing us to get these essential products to the right place quickly and efficiently.

We are all in this together, and collectively we can ensure the safe and proper delivery of business and safety critical products where they are needed.

Thank you and stay safe.