Alcohol tester

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Intelligent key management with compulsory alcohol testing – a system that will not allow vehicle keys, or keys to access hazardous equipment, to be released until the user has passed an alcohol breath test.

The highly acclaimed Alcolock® DS-10 alcohol tester (Home Office approved) is integrated with Traka electronic key management to ensure drivers (or operatives of any piece of potentially dangerous equipment) must first pass a breath test before keys can be withdrawn. Testing can be compulsory for every user or set to test a random sample of users.

Initial access to the cabinet is restricted to authorised users, thus preventing unauthorised use of vehicles or equipment. After opening the Traka cabinet (using PIN, access card or biometrics reader) the user then selects the required key to a particular vehicle or piece of equipment. However, before the key is released the system display requests the user to blow into the Alcolock.

This is a highly cost effective method for ensuring staff are safe before driving or using equipment where excessive alcohol will cause danger or impair judgement – it enables an organisation to fulfil its Duty of Care to employees and the public.

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A five second blow and the system will confirm a Pass or a Fail. Only if Passed will the key be released. A Fail and the key will be locked in place. Furthermore the Fail will be logged in the Traka database together with the user’s name.

Who uses this solution?

  • Fleet and Delivery vehicle managers 
  • Bus, Coach and Public Service vehicles companies 
  • Distribution Centres with Fork Lift Trucks 
  • Sites with industrial Plant Vehicles – such as excavators, dumper trucks and cranes 
  • Environments where dangerous or hazardous equipment is used 
  • Firearms and weaponry establishments