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 Once your Traka system has been installed and running for a period of time, it is likely that there are a number of consumable items and accessories that you may wish to consider ordering.

Our selection of product accessories and options allows organizations to scale and customize Traka key cabinets and lockers to meet their unique needs. 

In addition to those listed below, we can also supply:

  • Security seals (steel cable, padlock style, tamper-proof loop)

  • Key rings (standard or quick release)

  • Key set ID tags (colored or numbered)

  • Receptor Strip Storage Blocks for securing and auditing small items

  • Access card holders to manage card credentials the same as physical keys

  • Proximity tokens for organizations without existing credentials 

Available Accessories & Options


At the heart of Traka’s key management solutions is the iFob, a reliable and durable device that provides years of worry-free use.

Receptor Strips

Traka's modular-design key cabinets can be expanded in increments or 10 or 20 key sets with the use of our locking or non-locking Receptor Strips. 

Biometric Readers

For a the ultimate in security and convenience, Traka systems can utilize a variety of biometric readers to confirm user identity. 

Proximity Readers

You can use existing access credentials already in use at your facility to access your Traka system, making user setup and administration effortless.