3 Channel Rubidium Frequency Reference with Low Noise, GNSS Locking Options

The NR8403 in a versitle modular package bring stability to almost any location. Wide power operating range with GNSS locking option to further enhance long-term stability. The low noise option adds an ultra-low noise OCXO locked to the Rubidium giving your system the best of two core technologies- phase noise < 160 dBc/Hz at 1kHz.The uunit also offers a PPS that is GNSS derived or locally stabilized to reduce pulse to pulse jitter to under 1 ns. Popular in scientific, calibration labs and satellite uplinks.

  • Harmonics <40 dBc

  • Excellent holdover stability<3E-11/month

  • GNSS locking option available

  • Ultra Low phase noise

  • Outputs are fault protected and monitored continously

  • Built-in test circuitry throughout the design

  • Bvailable with and without display

  • 10 and 50 MHz available

Data Sheets