Three Channel Pulse Distribution Amplifier

  • Input stage amplifier provides impedance matching, transient protection, filtering and compensation to flatten the frequency response of the overall amplifier

  • Status of each channel drives a front panel indicator

  • Fault and transient protected  -  the two stage amplifier design further serves to isolate the reference from a severe transient condition

  • Built-in test monitors all power supplies and other critical signals that drive a relay which can be easily connected to an alarm panel

  • To facilitate set-up and system trouble resolution, there are signal Low and signal High indicators on the front panel 

  • Nominal power input is 12 VDC (other DC voltages ranges available - contact factory) -  power adapter is available

  • Very low propagation delay (<25 ns) and a skew of typically under 5 ns

  • PPS distribution

  • Software Defined Radio Synchronization

Data Sheets