10 MHz Frequency Reference, Self-Calibrating, Single Channel GNSS Locked, OCXO

The NR3620-CAL frequency reference continously monitors the correction coefficients being applied to the OCXO to compensate for aging and temperature stability. The coefficients are stored in non-volatile memory and in the event of GPS loss, are used to maintain the accuracy of the crystal - GPS loss offset +- 10 ppb.  A good choice for general lab use, Simulcast and test systems. LN option offers lower phase noise.

  • Low phase noise OCXO

  • GNSS lock indicator and built in self test

  • Hold-Over stability of 5 ppb/day, 50ppb/year

  • Self-Calibration minimizes frequency transition during GNSS lock to < 10ppb

  • Locked accuracy < 4E-11

See demo video on YOUTUBE (NR3620)

Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Operates from DC Power in three ranges +- (10 to 18, 18 to 36, 36 to 65) VDC or an AC Adapter

  • PPS Accuracy 20 ns rms

  • Indicators and signals provide GPS Lock and unity self-test status

  • Available in Kit Form (Includes reference, antenna, 50' cable, and power adapter)

GPSDO Kit available, wide input power range (-60 to +60 VDC)


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