10 MHz and Simulated PPS Source with LVDS 

The OCXO is a SC (stress compensated) crystal placed in an oven that is operated at ~10C above the maximum specified temperature. The SC cut has more than a five times improvement in thermal stability and a much lower mechanical sensitivity than an AT cut crystal. There is built-in-test that drives an LED and relay contacts for system integration. The unit also has a synchronous synthesizer to create the PPS with low jitter. There is a LVDS transmitter that can be configured at the factory to output either the 10 MHz or the PPS. The NR3702-O is nominally powered from 12 VDC but can operate from -60 to +60 VDC in three power ranges (range specified at ordering). There is also an AC power adapter available. Compact package of 4” x 1.2 “x 2.75” (3.5” with mounting flanges).

The NR3702 is a low cost source of PPS and10 MHz sine

  • High performance OCXO offers low phase noise

  • Outputs PPS, 10 MHz sine 

  • AC power adapter available

  • LVDS port can be configured to output either 10 MHz or PPS

  • Operates from DC Power in three ranges +- (10 to 18, 18 to 36, 36 to 65) VDC or an AC Adapter

  • Indicators and signals provide self-test status

  • Factory programmable PPS pulse width

Data Sheets