10 Channel Rubidium Frequency Reference Featuring low noise and GNSS Stability

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The phase noise for a standard Rubidium source is not acceptable for some applications. Our low noise Rubidium frequency reference incorporates a low noise OCXO that is locked to the Rubidium source. To achieve even greater long-term stability, the Rubidium reference is locked to the GPS/GNSS.  This combination gives you the best of three technologies - the stability of Rubidium, the low noise of an OCXO and the long-term stability of GPS/GNSS.  This single rack unit chassis, having ten channels, frequently meets the needs of complex systems and often eliminates the need for a distribution amplifer.ยท temperature stability <3E-10. For applications that require higher slew rates- square wave outputs can be configured. Digital display and serial port for monitoring available. Dual-Time base provides a completely independent time base and built -in frequency counter to monitor the reference and report via RS232 or Internet (see the NR2110-ROG-P for display, Internet and dual time base)- harmonics <25 dBc

  • Excellent holdover stability<5E-11/month

  • Dal time base optiion monitors reference frequency-reports status via Internet

  • Outputs are fault protected and monitored continously

  • Built-in test circuitry throughout the design

Odoo CMS - a big picture