10 MHz Frequency Reference, Rubidium, 10 Channel

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Ten channel Rubidium frequency reference with a stability of <0.5E-11/month. A cost effective multi-channel source that frequently eliminates the need for a distribution amplifier. Single RU design without the need for a fan. A strong alternative to a GPS locked reference when GPS is denied. Unit features monitoring on all ten channels that are fault and transient protected. Built-in test drives a relay contact that can be connected to an alarm panel. Ten channel design minimizes noise introduction between a separate frequency reference and 10 MHz distribution amplifier. Optional PPS synthesizer provides a PPS signal with less than 100 ps of P-P jitter.

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  • Aging less than 0.5E-11/month

  • Temperature stability <1E-10

  • Harmonics <25 dBc

  • Synthesizer option available and optional 2.048 MHz, 5 MHz, 1 MHz outputs.

 Consider  the low phase noise NR2110-R/O and the NR2110-R/O/G with GPS locking for even greater long-term stability in conjunction with a low phase noise OCXO.

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