10 Channel Frequency Reference Distribution Amplifier

Ten channel low noise frequency reference distribution amplifier. Ten identical amplifiers feature skew of ~ 5 ns. Each channel independently monitored for load impedance mis-match with independent warning indicators on the front panel. Outputs are transient and short circuit protected. Harmonic distortion well below -30 dBc. Minimal additive phase noise.  While primarily used as a 10 MHz distribution amplifier options are available to handle reference signals from 1 to 10 MHz. 

  • 1 to over 10 MHz

  • minimal phase noise contribution to the frequency reference (-150 dBc/Hz @ 1kHz)

  • harmonics <-30dBc

  • Front panel signal frequency reference amplitude indicators

  • fault indicators for each output

  • high impedance (Z>1 KOhm) option allows signal levels 6 volts p-p.

  • internal self-test drives indicators and alert signal

  • all inputs and outputs fault and transient protected

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