10 Channel GNSS Locked Frequency Reference with Dual-Time Base

Ten channel reference offer GNSS locked stability with a completely independent integrated gapless frequency counter to assure the integrity of the primary reference. Ten channels meet the needs of most applications without a distribution amplifier.  Continuous channel monitoring available locally or via RS232/Ethernet (SNMP). Dual power source options for AC and DC power driven systems. Dual time -base option address adds integrity to your time base.

  • 10 transient and fault protected channels with fault indicators on the front panel.

  • Dual-time base -  internal gapless embedded frequency counter continously monitors the reference with its own GNSS based reference.

  • Option-operates from AC or DC power sources independently or redundantly.

  • Monitor and set alert limits on each output.

  • Two-stage amplifier design isolates the source from the amplifier outputs, thereby protecting the source..

  • SNMP provides remote monitoring and control

  • Stabilized PPS provides less than 1 ns pulse to pulse jitter.

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